Greeley Green Energy

Greeley Green Energy

Integrated Waste Recycling Facility Weld County, Colorado

Total Oilfield Waste Recycling 

"It All Goes Away"

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Oilfield Waste Recycling - "It All Goes Away"

Greeley Green Energy (GGE) is a waste recycling facility being developed by technologists with expertise in  constructing and operating waste recycling facilities serving the oil  and gas industry. GGE's founders include Leveraged Green Energy (LGE),  NOVO, LLC (NOVO), Winthrop Development, Kingswood Partners, and A1 Organics.  

NOVO’s founders have patented and own a  series of technologies that have achieved substantial commercial success  in the treatment of liquid and solid wastes generated by oil and gas  drilling and production. 

LGE is a venture capital fund that owns  controlling stakes in plasma treatment technologies – gasification of  organic waste and direct plasma treatment of inorganic waste, which  respectively are extremely efficient and non-polluting technologies to  transform organic waste into energy (syngas) and inorganic waste into a  vitrified, neutralized aggregate (Plasmarok™). 

The Principals of Winthrop and Kingswood  are big-project infrastructure developers with expertise in industrial  development and oilfield services.

A1 Organics is a leading producer of Organic Compost and other soil amendments, with deep experience in waste management and recycling technologies.

Total Oilfield Waste Recycling

Complete recycling of Produced Water, Frac Flowback, Drill Cuttings, and Wet and Dry Solid wastes into Beneficial Use Products

Waste Gasification Completes the Cycle

After recovery of oil, recycling of water and inorganic solids, residuals are gasified and transformed into usable heat and electric power


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